Lesley Curwen’s poems are often about the sea, living as she does within sight of Plymouth Sound where she swims and sails. Her poems have found a home with Nine Pens, Arachne Press, Broken Sleep, GreenInk, Quay Words and Snakeskin. More will be published soon by Ice Floe Press and Black Bough. She has been a member of Greenwich Poetry Workshop for many years.

FINIS (published by Broken Sleep in ‘Footprints’ anthology of eco-poetry 2022)

moonshine in a hot november sky

pigeons shuffle to a sheltering wall

tide rises like a white-ruffed arm

anointing the land with bitter wrack

blotting all prints that came before

wiping lines and edges back to blank

there is no body to watch over us

since the milky way became unplugged

electric light forgets how to flow

voices fade and cars roll uncontrolled

books are shut once and for keeps

all the words inside close their eyes