Winner of the Harold Wincott Audio Award for ‘Transparency Detectives’ on Radio 4, and for Money Box Live on costs and charges  Awarded May 2019 at the Mansion House.

Judges remarks:

‘Freelance journalist Lesley Curwen embarked on a mission to expose hidden fees paid by savers and investors. Radio 4 colleagues were convinced of the story’s importance. Programmes were produced by Rosamund Jones and Alex Lewis. Patient journalistic skills and international research contributed to a strong case for change.’ 

First journalist to win a Transparency Trophy for promoting openness in financial services  Nov 2018

Shortlisted for British Journalism Awards 2017 and Medical Journalists’ Awards 2017 for ‘The Organ Beauty Pageant’

Wincott Broadcasting Award 2012

Judges’ remarks:

‘Fabulous radio, super popular and intelligent, subversive, full of meat.”

Wincott Broadcasting Award 2005

Workworld Broadcast Programme of Year 2010

2 Bradford and Bingley Personal Finance Awards

Industrial Journalist of the Year 1997